"I am a race car driver and I chose AB"


"I had bilateral implants done in 2005. It was my best decision ever - it changed my life!

My life is fuller, I have more confidence in myself, and I enjoy time spent with family and friends even more. And of course, racing is more exciting with my Advanced Bionics cochlear implants!

My CIs allow me to communicate more effectively in noisy surroundings, so I can relax and focus on the tasks at hand. I can also focus on winning and having fun!

And music, oh yeah! Need I say more?”

- Jaki Schekter, bilaterally implanted at age 31

"I am a fifth-grader and I chose AB"


Addison is a talented fifth grader. A straight-A student in the Academically Gifted Program, she excels in school and enjoys running, dancing, swimming, and riding bikes with friends. To help her succeed from kindergarten to college and beyond, Addison needs a high-performing cochlear implant system, which is why her family chose AB.

“The ability to hear so clearly with her cochlear implants allows Addison to participate in group projects in the classroom and student council activities that involve being in social settings. She feels like part of a group and not like an outsider.”

- Rachelle Blackmon, mother of Addison, implanted at age 20 months, bilaterally implanted at age 8

"I am an engineer and I chose AB"


Howard is a technology expert. As an electrical engineer, he knows the science of signal processing and understands how crucial technology is for hearing his best. Howard needs the high-performing, reliable cochlear implant system with the best possible sound processing in order to succeed at work and in life, which is why he chose AB.

“I chose AB because AB's technology and upgradeability would give me the best sound quality right away and in the future. As an engineer, the untapped capabilities of the implant, enabling upgrades for years to come, were especially important to me.”

- Howard Samuels, implanted at age 44, bilaterally implanted at age 47

"I am a fireman and I chose AB"


Jeff is a hero. He fights fires and saves lives. He’s also a dad and demands the best for his daughter. As a firefighter focused on safety, Jeff needs a reliable, high-performing cochlear implant system that will help his daughter hear sirens, horns, and alarms, which is why he chose AB.

“We were worried about Ryland’s future without hearing. Now with AB, she’s hearing just like other children her age. Her future is so bright!”

- Jeff Whittington, father of Ryland, bilaterally implanted at age 19 months

"I am a pilot and I chose AB"


Jim is an overachiever. He excels at work, at home, and in the air. He wants nothing but the best hearing experience so that he can communicate easily with friends, family, colleagues, and air traffic controllers. Jim needs a reliable, high-performing cochlear implant system that satisfies his expectations, which is why he chose AB.

“My AB cochlear implants have enhanced my relationships. My daughter can read to me. I can hear my wife on the telephone. I feel reconnected.”

- Jim Alsup, implanted at age 34, bilaterally implanted at age 36

"I am an athlete and I chose AB"


Maria is a fitness enthusiast. She runs every morning, skis in winter, rides bikes on vacation, and has even hiked to the base camp at Mt. Everest. To maintain her athletic lifestyle, Maria needs the high-performing cochlear implant system with advanced technology, strong durability, and guaranteed water resistance, which is why she chose AB.

“Because of my AB implants, I’m able to be as active as I was before being implanted and have been able to continue to live life on my terms. I’m looking forward to the future and the technological advances AB will make. The products will only get better and, as a result, cochlear implant recipients will benefit from such innovation.”

- Maria Anderson, implanted at age 52, bilaterally implanted at age 54