“For over 50 years, GSI has had a reputation for the highest quality in audiology equipment. My audiology clinics have always been equipped with GSI audiometers, screening devices, and auditory evoked response systems.”

James W. Hall III, Ph.D.

University of Florida

“My program has been using GSI equipment for decades because of the consistent reliability. With so much riding on accuracy in pediatric diagnostics, it’s nice to know I can count on my audiometers to maintain calibration and function. In a high-volume clinic, equipment downtime is a killer. But I don’t worry about that with my GSI 61s and Tympstars.”

Brian J. Fligor, Sc.D.

Director of Diagnostic Audiology, Children’s Hospital Boston
Instructor, Otology and Laryngology, Harvard Medical School

“The GSI 61 is a great audiometer. It is so easy to use and well designed. I particularly like the ‘correct/incorrect’ function, which is very helpful during speech testing.”



“GSI equipment is very fast, reliable and accurate. As an audiologist, not only do I find it a pleasure to work on their machines, but the after sales service is excellent. To me, this is the most important!”


Cape Town