Frequently Asked Questions

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For how long should I take BioArmor Hearing Health?

BioArmor Hearing Health should be taken for a period of at least three to six months for optimal cellular saturation. It is recommended that tinnitus sufferers stay on this micronutrient treatment indefinitely. After six months, we recommend a medical re-evaluation to determine the rate of improvement.

Note: We recommend that all users of BioArmor Hearing Health suffering from tinnitus visit their local audiologist for a hearing test (to eliminate any other possible conditions causing the tinnitus) and to complete a tinnitus monitoring score sheet prior to commencing the treatment. Visit www.earinstitute.co.za to find an audiologist near you.

What is the exact composition of BioArmor Hearing Health?


What is the correct dosage for Hearing Health?

Three capsules, twice daily, to optimise cell saturation and reduce cellular damage.

Why does Hearing Health need to be taken twice a day?

Taking a supplement once a day may not be sufficient for optimal health benefits. Hearing Health requires simple AM and PM dosing for 24-hour antioxidant support.

Does Hearing Health have anti-ageing properties?

Hearing Health decreases the production of harmful toxins (free radicals) and inflammation responsible for premature aging.

Do I need a prescription for Hearing Health?

No, BioArmor Hearing Health is available without prescription.

Are there any health issues that might prevent me from taking Hearing Health?

If you are taking blood thinners, are about to enter active cancer therapy, or are suffering from acute gout, your doctor may advise you against taking Hearing Health. As with any new medication or supplement, consult your doctor before beginning the course.