“My daughter used to suffer from middle ear infections caused by water in her ears while swimming, until she got a pair of AquaBlock ear plugs. They were individually made to fit her ears, and keep her ears dry while swimming. No more expensive visits to the doctor!”

N. Kruger, Pretoria

“My husband’s snoring used to keep me awake at night – eventually I had to sleep in another room! Then I got a pair of SnorePlugs. Now we can share a bed again.”

T. Coetzer, Midrand

“I use my MotoEars every day – I commute to work and back on a bike, and these plugs really make a difference eliminating road noise. I can still hear car hooters and other important noises, and they are nice and comfortable being made from silicon. I’d recommend them to bikers any time!”

Denzil van der Merwe, Pretoria