Childhood is a time for magical moments and playful discovery. And you want to make sure your child can actively participate in it all.

Even if your child has severe hearing loss, cochlear implants can help them fully enjoy the pleasures of these first precious years of their life!

10 Reasons to Choose Our Technology for Your Child

Choosing a cochlear implant for your child is a life-changing decision. Here are 10 reasons why your child will receive the best Swiss technology at the Ear Institute.

Reason 1

1. Clarity in Noise

Our technology offers the most-advanced solutions for automatically filtering out background sound and hearing in noisy situations.

Reason 2

2. Technology for Synchronized Hearing with Both Ears

Our implants are fully compatible with Phonak´s full line of hearing loss solutions for two ears—no matter the model, no matter the configuration.

Reason 3

3. Automatic Features

Quiet to loud. Noisy to noisier… There’s no need to change your child’s program or adjust any settings—the sound processor automatically takes care of that for you.

Reason 4

4. Hearing on the Phone

Wireless connectivity and automatically bilaterally synchronized sound, allows your child to listen and talk on the phone with full comfort, clarity and confidence.

Reason 5

5. Wireless Connectivity

With proven innovations and Phonak’s groundbreaking Roger technology, your child can enjoy all of the modern convenience of wireless streaming.

Reason 6

6. Full Music Enjoyment

Using the highest sound resolution available, our groundbreaking technology will literally bring music to your child´s ears—helping them appreciate all the nuances of music and lyrics more clearly than ever before.

Reason 7

7. Uncompromised Activity

Go ahead, let them get wet! Or sweaty or dirty or dusty… Fully waterproof and durable technologies helps your kid hear better no matter where they go or how active they are.

Reason 8

8. Future Upgradability

As hearing technology improves, so will your child´s implant—without the need for additional surgery. Enjoy unmatched programming flexibility, and the capacity for future technologies.

Reason 9

9. Support, Education, and Family Centred Hearing Care

With support resources like Eduplex, our professionals will be by your side every step of the way in your child’s hearing journey.

Reason 10

10. Comfort and Convenience

They can wear it on their ear, or clip it anywhere they want. Our retention options, including our waterproof AquaCase enclosure, are designed for flexibility and comfort so your child never has to compromise performance.

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