Childhood is a time for magical moments and playful discovery. And you want to make sure your child can actively participate in it all.

Even if your child has severe hearing loss, cochlear implants can help them fully enjoy the pleasures of these first precious years of their life!

What’s Inside Matters

Our HiRes Ultra 3D cochlear implant was designed for detail. It automatically encodes an incredibly wide range of intensities (up to 80 decibels), delivers frequency information to 120 cochlear places using a patented delivery method and provides up to 83,000 updates per second – far more detail than any other system can deliver.

High-Performance Technology for
High-Performance Childhood

Our sound processor provides unique, groundbreaking features proven to help your child effortlessly hear better in any environment while giving them the durability and flexibility to participate in all of childhood’s fun.

Our thin, light processor is discreet and comfortable for all-day use, and nine color options give your child the freedom to blend in or stand out. Rechargeable or disposable batteries make powering up easy, while simple, intuitive buttons let them easily control volume and settings. Or, they can keep it on automatic for the greatest ease of use.

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How Your Child
Hears the World

& Features