The Foundation of Better Hearing

HiResolution Cochlear Implant Technology

Our Cochlear Implants deliver the proven benefits of clearer speech and a broader range of sound.

This means “Access to Speech and Music”

Our recipients are able to hear the softest to the very loudest sounds without having to change any settings. This means that, as a recipient, you have access to all of the changes in loudness with music while also being able to hear the soft whispers of children.


From the graphs below, our technology surpasses the competition in all areas due to the superior temporal (time) and spectral resolution (frequency) and input dynamic (loudness) range.

What does this mean to you? Better Speech Comprehension and Music Enjoyment

The HiRes technology in the device allows for access to finer qualities of speech like frequency (pitch) and time, enabling better speech understanding and music enjoyment. As an adult CI recipient you will have the best opportunity to reconnect with the hearing world; your child, as an CI recipient, can have access to the best speech and language development possible with the added benefit of technology that will meet the growing needs of your child.

Delivering the Details of Sound

When choosing a device, you should consider that the implantable technology can be with you for a lifetime. So, the device you choose should be capable of delivering all of the details (loudness, pitch, and time) you need to enjoy a world of sound.

Our technology was designed to capture the details of sound. It automatically encodes an incredibly wide range of intensities (up to 80 decibels). It is capable of delivering frequency information to 120 cochlear places using a patented delivery method. It also provides up to 83,000 pulses per second. That is far more detail than any other system can deliver.

We pushed the limits of technology to provide the most detailed representation of sound because we want you to get the most out of every listening experience.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Internal Components of the Cochlear Implant System

Key Features Explained

HiRes™ Ultra 3D Cochlear Implant

1 Electrode Array

Designed for a gentle cochlear insertion, the electrodes deliver 120 spectral bands of sound to help you understand speech and enjoy music.

2 Electronics Package

Advanced technology designed to support current and future generations of sound processors and features.

3 Communication Link

This sophisticated communication link receives digital representations of sound from the external sound processor and sends information about the status of the implant system and your hearing nerve back to the processor.

4 Innovative Multi-magnet Assembly

The multi-magnet assembly in the HiRes Ultra 3D implant allows users to safely undergo high resolution imaging, such as 3.0 Tesla MRI without removing the multi-magnet assembly. Other implants have differing conditions for conducting safe MRI procedures.

Why should I choose the AB Cochlear Implant?

Two implant types, the HiRes Ultra 3D and HiRes Ultra Cochlear Implant, are available with Advanced Bionics. Each implant type offers electrode choices to accommodate for anatomical differences, and your surgeon’s practice preference.


AB Cochlear Implants utilize forward-thinking technologies, designed to accommodate signal processing improvements for decades to come, ideal for the demanding needs of adults and the ever-changing needs of children as they grow.

Upgrade your sound processor and enjoy new listening features and expanded capabilities without changing your implant.

Thin and Strong

AB Cochlear Implants are designed to exceed industry standards for impact resistance,15 allowing you or your child to enjoy life’s adventures without concern.

AB offers an implant option designed to be thin, small, and discreet, making them suitable for adults and children.


MRI is a common imaging technique used in hospitals. This diagnostic equipment generates powerful magnetic fields, and not all medical devices are compatible with this technology.

AB’s newest implant, the HiRes Ultra 3D, allows users to safely undergo high-resolution imaging, such as 3.0 Tesla MRIs, without any preparation, surgery or head bandaging.

Protecting your Cochlea

Once inserted into the cochlea, the tiny electrode array will be used to stimulate the hearing nerve.

Now your surgeon has a choice of electrodes: both designed to protect the delicate cochlear structures and provides complete coverage of the cochlea for full-spectrum sound.

HiFocus™ Electrodes

With two unique options to choose from in the HiFocus family of electrodes, surgeons can choose the most appropriate type of electrode to suit individual recipient needs and provide the best possible hearing.

HiFocus™ SlimJ

The HiFocus SlimJ electrode features a thin, straight design while still offering full spectrum coverage with a key goal of protecting the delicate structures of the cochlea during insertion.