The Most Advanced Technology for Hearing in Noise

Superior Hearing in Noise

It’s a noisy world. On bustling streets, in busy classrooms, packed restaurants, and crowded parties, you or your child want to be able to chat easily and naturally without worrying about the background noise.

At every stage of the process—from the microphones that gather the sound; the technologies that process and enhance it; and the acces- sories that transmit it—AB provides more proven solutions for hearing in the most challenging situations than any other manufacturer.

T-Mic 2 Microphone
Hear More Speech in Noise

The patented T-Mic™ 2 microphone is the industry’s only microphone positioned at the opening of the ear canal. This strategic placement takes advantage of the natural sound-gathering capabilities of the outer ear. The result is more natural sound quality and better hearing in noise compared to a microphone positioned behind the ear.

AutoSound OS
Simply Automatic

AutoSound™ sound processing technology adapts automatically and continuously to every environment, making it easier for you to hear your best no matter where you are and no matter what you do.

When sound levels change as you move, for example, from a quiet office to a noisy conference room, AutoSound automatically adjusts to the new environment. By capturing the widest range of sounds and adjusting loudness, it can help you hear better with less effort.

ClearVoice Speech Enhancement Technology
Clinically Proven Superiority

ClearVoice™* speech enhancement technology is the first and only sound processing strategy recognized by the FDA to have demonstrated improved speech understanding and superior hearing performance in noise.

UltraZoom Feature
Easier Conversations in Noise

UltraZoom uses advanced microphone technology that automatically focuses on the person speaking in front of you while reducing distracting noise around you. This proven Phonak technology helps you follow a conversation more easily in noisy surroundings than with an omnidirectional microphone. When the UltraZoom feature and ClearVoice technology are combined, there is a significant improvement in understanding speech in noise.

Phonak Binaural VoiceStream Technology
The Best Technology for Hearing with Two Ears

Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ gives your Naída CI processors the unique ability to work together for improved hearing in challenging situations. Sound from one processor is transmitted to the other so that you hear the sound in both ears at the same time while distracting noise is reduced. No other manufacturer can offer the extraordinary benefits for communicating with confidence that binaural technology provides.

Hearing Comfort in Every Situation
Bring on the Comfort

Most of the time, we want to hear more of the sounds around us, but some noises just get in the way. Using proven Phonak technologies, your Naída CI Q90 sound processor can make listening more comfortable in challenging situations including wind, sudden noise, and echo.

HiRes Fidelity 120 and HiRes Optima Sound Processing Strategies
Experience all the Dimensions of Sound

HiRes Fidelity 120™* and HiRes™* Optima sound processing strategies capture and deliver the full dimension of sound so you can benefit from a richer hearing experience. Studies have shown that compared to using other sound processing strategies, AB recipients hear speech better in noise and experience improvements in music and sound quality.

Phonak Wireless Solutions
Hear Better in Extreme Noise and Over Distance

Roger is the digital standard from Phonak, providing outstanding performance in noise and over distance by wirelessly transmitting a speaker’s voice directly to the listener. It transmits sound from a microphone directly to the design-integrated Roger™ 17 receiver which attaches easily and discreetly to your Naída CI processors. Using directional microphone technology, Roger technology transmits crystal clear sound while reducing background noise.

The Phonak ComPilot and RemoteMic accessories help you hear clearly in moderate noise and over distance. The speaker’s voice is transmitted from the RemoteMic to your ComPilot, which transmits the sound directly to your processors, or your processor and a compatible Phonak hearing aid.

*Not approved for pediatric use in the United States