Accessories that fit your style – and your life

Advanced features and functionality link you seamlessly to Bluetooth devices, mobile phones, computers, media players, TVs, navigation systems, FM, and countless other devices. Choosing AB keeps you connected to the media that entertains you, the music that moves you, and the people who love you.

The AccessLine™ for Naída CI

Phonak ComPilot


Wireless streaming accessory — The ComPilot offers advanced features and functionality that link you seamlessly to Bluetooth products, mobile phones, computers, media players, TVs, navigation systems, FM, and countless other devices.

Phonak TVLink II


Wireless streaming accessory — The Phonak TVLink accessory with the ComPilotstreams high-quality audio directly to sound processor(s) or a Phonak hearing aid while recipients enjoy their favorite shows and movies.

AB Helps Edward to Fit In

“My AB cochlear implant has had a great impact on my relationships, especially with my friends. Being able to hear as well as others do in school doesn’t set me apart from them.”

— Edward Freeman, AB recipient 

T-MicTM 2

As the industry’s only microphone placed at the opening of the ear canal, the T-Mic uses the outer ear’s sound-gathering capabilities for better hearing in noisy settings compared to a microphone situated behind the ear (BTE), and allows you to enjoy phones, earbuds, and headphones like everyone else.

Accessories for More Natural Hearing

Our patented T-Mic™ accessory places the microphone at the opening of the ear canal where it can take advantage of the outer ear’s sound-gathering shape to help you or your child hear more naturally. Compared to a behind-the-ear (BTE) microphone, the result is more focused, effortless listening1 in any environment, from a quiet meeting room to a noisy classroom to listening to your car radio.

Accessories that Keep You Connected

  • Naída CI Q70 (Naída CI) features AccessLine™ accessories, including the Phonak ComPilot, AB myPilot, TVLink, and RemoteMic, for the ultimate in wireless consumer electronics connectivity.

“The T-Mic is a microphone at the entrance to my ear canal. This allows my ears to focus the sound to the mic, just like natural hearing. When I use the phone, I hold it up to my ear just like anybody else… Best of all, I hear better with it, particularly in noisy situations.”

Howard Samuels, implanted at age 44, bilaterally implanted at age 47