Power Options that Suit your Lifestyle

You have a variety of ways to power your sound processor to suit your lifestyle. Depending on which AB processor you or your child uses, it can be powered by convenient disposable options, eco-friendly rechargeable options, or both.

Convenient Disposable Power Options

For those who travel or are often on the go, disposable power options offer a convenient solution in case you forget to pack extras or bring a charger along with you. 

  • Naída CI can be powered by two disposable zinc-air batteries.
  • Neptune can run on a single AAA disposable battery, available at virtually any filling station or convenience store.

PowerCel™ 110 and 110 mini, 170 and 170 mini, and 230 Batteries

Designed exclusively for AB’s Naída CI sound processor, the PowerCel 110 mini, the smallest battery option, provides up to 17 hours of power, while the PowerCel 230 keeps your Naída CI processor going for up to 36 hours between charges.

Rechargeable AAA Battery for Neptune processors

AB’s Neptune processor can be powered by a single AAA rechargeable and disposable battery for up to 21 hours.

PowerCel™ Slim and Plus Batteries for Naída CI

PowerCel™ Slim
Lightweight and compact, the PowerCel Slim rechargeable battery is compatible with Naída CI Q70 processors with the Off-Ear-Power Option. The PowerCel Slim provides up to 19 hours of continuous use. 

PowerCel™ Plus Battery
The long-running rechargeable PowerCel Plus battery provides up to a full day of operation on a full charge for Harmony and Auria sound processors. The PowerCel Plus battery can be recharged hundreds of times before it needs replacing.

PowerCel™ Charger & Accessories

AB’s high-performance accessories help keep your PowerCel batteries fully charged, and you connected to the world of sound, even while in your car or travelling abroad. The Naída CI charger introduces USB compatibility for additional portability and flexibility.