T-Mic™ 2

T-Mic 2 features an incredibly discreet design that comes in three sizes for all ears and ages. With elegant design, comfort, and durability, the T-Mic 2 also lets you use cell phones, Bluetooth devices, MP3 players, and other battery-powered audio devices just like everyone else.

Natural Placement for Better Hearing

We are the only company to offer the patented T-Mic microphone placed at the opening of the ear canal. Compared to behind-the-ear, this strategic placement utilizes the outer ear’s natural sound-gathering capabilities, just like normal-hearing ears. The result is better, more effortless hearing for your child or you in noise.

R. Gifford showed that recipients participating in the study understood 44% more sentences in noise with our patented T-Mic than with a behind-the-ear (BTE) microphone used by the competition.