Public Transport

Airplanes, trains, busses, taxis and more…

The increased volume and speed and of all forms of travel create greater potential for transmission of pathogens. Interconnectedness of cultures and countries pose an even greater threat to public health.

Whether by shipping container, air plane, bus or train, the need for better protection from pathogens is a major concern.

CIMR 500 Series

The CIMR 500 is perfect for small or isolated indoor pollution and odor causing areas such as waiting rooms, small lobbies, hotel rooms, nursing home rooms, dorm rooms, and public restrooms.  Coverage is up to 500 square feet.

Coverage: From 1m² to 50m²

CIMR 2000 Series

This versatile portable model is frequently the first choice in homes and offices and is also used as a component in the technology package installed in commercial applications. The Home & Office model is very easy to set-up and operate.

Coverage: From 1m² to 200m²