The Tympstar Pro comes with everything you’ll need to perform a tympanometry test efficiently and at maximum speed. It has a slim profile and smaller footprint than its predesessor. The redesigned control panel provides familiar simple one button test selection.

The GSI TympStar Pro addresses the diagnostic challenges of every patients. In order to do this it is equipped with three probe tones: 226, 678 and 1000 Hz.

Features that further enhances the testing capabilities for the user:
It has an integrated 12” colour touch screen;
It has the ability to change ears and start tests directly from the shoulder box;
It has multiple probe tone frequencies that includes: manual pump control, click stimulus for reflex, multiple immittance displays (Y/B/G);
It can evaluate status of the Eustachian Tube with a perforated TM or an intact TM.

With Tymp Touch Technology a simple touch of the screen provides access to user protocols, test parameters and on-screen analysis of test results. Evaluation of the immittance properties of the middle-ear and assessment of the neural integrity are completed seamlessly.

The GSI Tympstar Pro is also EMR compatible using GSI Suite.