BioArmor Hearing Health™ from the Premier Micronutrient Company (PMC) is a micronutrient designed to address tinnitus (ringing in your ears) as well as protect your hearing and improve your general health. 

Hearing Health Supplement provides the best supportive approach for ringing in the ears, balance problems and other hearing issues on the market today.

The Hearing Health patented formulation is a scientifically studied product that was developed from 30 years of antioxidant micronutrient science and has been vigorously tested with the US Department of Defense, NASA, the US Navy and the US Marine Corps.

Hearing Health is distributed in South Africa by the H.A.S.S. Group, and is available at Ear Institutes and other medical professionals countrywide. It is manufactured by PMC, a research-based company in the USA.

All PMC products have been thoroughly researched and comply with FDA good practice manufacturing protocols. All products are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities. They have a proven safety record of over a decade, and are also registered with the South African Medicines Control Council.

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