Advanced Bionics, the global leader in cochlear implant technology, brings you Neptune, the first and only “swimmable” sound processor in the world, with a revolutionary freestyle design for the most flexible wearing styles ever!

Whether you enjoy taking a dip in the pool on a warm day or bonding with your child at bath time, Neptune delivers hearing during these important activities. Jump in the pool, sing in the shower, and hear your best with the revolutionary Neptune processor!

Developed for all ages and lifestyles, the lightweight Neptune processor features the industry’s first freestyle design, allowing you or your child to hear your world with the comfort and beauty of nothing on the ear. Only Neptune gives you the freedom to choose your wearing style – in your hair, on your arm, under your collar, in your pocket – without compromising performance. Whether you want to show it off or tuck it away discreetly, the freestyle design lets you wear it just how you like it.

Designed for easy usability and Built Kid Tough™ durability, Neptune is ideal for every age and every lifestyle whether you live in a hot, humid area, love swimming, enjoy rigorous sports, need to connect in the classroom or travel across the globe – hear your best in all weather, all sports, and all terrain!