Audiological Equipment 

We offer a wide variety of audiological equipment suited to your specific clinical needs from basic screening machines to specialised diagnostic equipment and custom-made booths.

Our experienced technical team and friendly admin staff are always willing to assist.

  Trudie Struweg

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CIMR Technology

CIMR Technology is a ground-breaking active air & surface sanitising product with continuous results. CIMR is proven & tested to destroy a host of viruses, bacteria, mold & fungi including Covid. CIMR Technology is an industry leader in protecting indoor air against airborne threats & is scalable to suit from small offices to mega buildings.

  Stanley Fabri

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Designed in Switzerland and extensively trialled and tested, the SensoPro Trainer, exercises multiple skill sets in a single session, achieving a complete body workout in just 20 min. From rehabilitation to extreme sports, anyone can use Sensopro. It improves coordination, which makes strength & endurance training more efficient and also gives more agility and body confidence in everyday life for everyday tasks.

  Pieta van Deventer

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